Vote: Merch on Origin Protocol Marketplace


OmiseGO has offered some merch to the community. :+1:

I propose that we post a few listings to the Origin Protocol Marketplace. Proceeds would then go to fuel the ON Community and help cover gas fees for transactions and votes. We can discuss details if there is interest.

Is there interest?

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Do we have thoses shiny physical tokens? I think there is an interest for this product. I’m not 100% convinced it would work tho.

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@nebali This is a great idea, and I appreciate this gesture from OmiseGO. It will be very helpful to figure out sustainable ways to cover basic ‘transaction costs’ of using Ethereum to record and activate Coop. decisions. It would also be great if merchandise could help support our independent research that @tousthilagavathy and other ONC member might be able to provide to help OMG Network development/evangelism.

@Crypto_Analysis Agreed that the physical tokens would be a fairly awesome item to feature in merch store // I believe they may have been limited edition for OmiseGO, but can always see what we can figure out to obtain/replicate.

@nebali I will look into Origin listing details. Let me know what else I can do to help out here.

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@nebali great to know about the merch. Where can I see the list of merch available?