Request for Proposal: ONC Introductory Post on Medium


In order to reduce the burden on new users to understand OMG Network Community (ONC) purpose & onboarding via Github and Aragon organizations, it would be HIGHLY useful to have a colorful, punchy, and dare I say “fun” introductory post on Medium (w/ kudos for also creating an ONC Medium account ;-0)

So, we have an initial allocation of 50 DAI / 50 OMG for ONC bounties. As far as how these funds should be spent … this should be a matter squarely within the ONC governance and multisignature vault, in my humble opinion.

My general notion for ONC is that we will use our DAO and filter committed members (who sign onto Governance materials maintained on Github…) to make funding/reimbursement decisions over tasks that accelerate goals outlined in Mission Statement :money_with_wings:

Now calling for Request for Proposals in this thread and/or directly on the ONC DAO :slightly_smiling_face:.

For example,

“I have written the following medium post at [URL] outlining the goals and practical path forward for ONC, as reflected in the materials and discussion threads stored in and … Requesting 10 DAI / 5 OMG for this task :pray:

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