OMG Network

Proposal: Governance utility for OMG (ERC-20)

It seems natural, as a self-organizing arm of OMG Network, to consider what we can offer ‘today’ to these stakeholders.

We already have a basic structure in place to discuss and execute on improvements to OMG Network with this Forum and the ONC Coop. Bounty DAO.

It therefore seems useful to offer OMG holders a way to signal to ONC Bounty DAO in order to express sentiment on our direction.

Let’s discuss!

Alright, I’ll take my own bait.

It seems worth noting that Kyber Network did a sort of ‘polling’ exercise recently among KNC token holders on an DAO.

Well, ONC already has an Aragon DAO. Why not try the same thing with OMG holders?

Edit: Linking this convo.