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Organizing the Logo design contest

In order to forward to the next steps in our efforts to have logo for OMG Network and ONC, I open this thread for discussion about what could be done further to make this happen. Also when I read the doc spec, published here and being UI and graphic designer, I started working and I made some stuff.

I don’t feel enough competent to describe the process, but I’ll try to put some thoughts. So, what could it be?

  1. We have the doc.

  2. How to spread the contest to have more designers from all around the crypto area?

  3. Two possible ways to win
    a. Complete logo design
    b. Original idea (graph completion is only to illustrate) and then we could give more concrete spec to some famous pro to make it really awesome or repeat 3.a

  4. How the approvement will happen - voting in smart contract or?

  5. What will be the reward?

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Hello @metaflute! :wave: It’s nice to have you here.

  1. We have the doc for the OMG Network logo but still need to create one for the ONC. I’m willing to help for this task when I will be available (in a week).

  2. We were thinking about promoting the contest thanks to reddit/twitter and organizing it on

  3. We only thought about a. It seems more convenient that way.

  4. Idk yet. We talked about several options but nothing was perfect.

  5. OMG agreed to help funding the project but it was few months ago. I’m not sure if it still stand.


On #5, we could consider using funds raised from selling OMG Merchandise to help cover this logo contest and independent plasma / interoperatbility research for OMG Network (managed by ONCC DAO) :ballot_box:

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