ONC Cooperative Bounty DAO - Troubleshooting Thread


Kicking off troubleshooting ONC Cooperative Aragon org. with a short demo video on how to make a withdrawal request from a non-member digital wallet (Cipher browser/mobile) :rosette:

Request for Information: ONC Stewardship over Cosmos "spoon"

I’m kind of confused about how voting on proposals works as well - right now it seems to be only @ro5s and @nebali who can vote? What does it look like to expand that, and is there any allowance for proof of individual so that one person can’t vote multiple times?


It could be much more clear, but alas, the state of the dapps still calls for some wrangling.

To your Qs, @AA :

Yes, only @nebali and myself can vote right now as admitted members/token holders in the ONC bounty org.

To expand our membership and voting base, we simply select the “Add Tokens” tab in upper-right corner of Token Manager App:

(for now, adding 1 token to admitted ON.CC members who register their EthAddress via Forum or Github to ONC organizing statements)

Registering via Forum:

Registering via Github pull/request:

@nebali and I also have linked our Github accounts and identified our EthAddress to Keybase.io identities, following example of Aragon Cooperative Membership Tracking. This seems to be a fairly good, though certainly not perfect “proof of individual” solution that we should mostly try and adopt for Bounty DAO membership. For now and ease-of-onboarding … We might consider using this Forum and polling apps for a more seamless way for ONC members or other aligned stakeholders to signal decisions to Bounty DAO, which might consist of more limited membership reserved for active members up to task and minor annoyances of working with digital wallets.