OMG Network

ON.Community Governance

ON.Community Governance

Collection of ON.Community Governance Materials :books:

ON.Community Cooperative on Ethereum mainnet :eagle:

ON.CC Bounty System :money_with_wings:

  • ON.Community Cooperative (“ON.CC”) consists of registered ONC members (see below “Membership”) who will initially vote on bounty proposals for community resources, make additional membership rules, as well as establish other high-level priorities.
  • Requests for Reimbursement (“RFR”) can be made via the ON.CC Finance Application by submitting a withdrawal in the selected asset for an Ethereum address. For greater chances of success, it is highly recommended to include a multisignature address in such withdrawal request as well as to give a detailed description in the RFR that allows sufficient ‘proof of work’ to ON.CC members.
  • Requests for Funding (“RFF”) can be made via the ON.CC Voting Application and if such RFF is approved, ON.CC members shall commit to timely review and decision on any related RFR(s).


Building on the efforts of OmiseGO community member, @Kartsims, who originated a Mission Statement for this community to begin self-organizing around our shared interests and goals for the OmiseGO Network (“OMG Network”), the following materials reflect a design for this initiative to take definitive form as a Chaordic Commons to support the OMG Network into the future.

ON.Community Members

The following have assented to these organizing governance materials to initiate a Chaordic Commons as the OMG Network Community (“ONC” or “ON.Community”):

Cooperative Membership

Request to participate in the ON.Community initiative.



Thank @Crypto_Analysis // I have reflected your assent in the Github repo:


As well as the ON.Coop.: 00%20AM

Update: @nebali I have created a vote to admit @Crypto_Analysis - let me know if your wallet is still giving you issues here!


Thank you @ro5s. It seems Nebali didn’t have time to vote or had issues with his wallet. Let’s try again when he will be available :slight_smile:

Was having trouble making the transactions via my Ledger Nano, but think I’ve finally sorted it out. In case anybody else has troubles with it, have to set ‘Contract Data’ to ON.

@ro5s could you resubmit the vote(s) and I’ll give it a try. Thx!


@nebali I have created a new vote for you to test confirmation again. Cheers! 24%20PM

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Thanks @ro5s. It worked, I think.
I’ve created a badge in Discourse for ONCC token holders and have awarded it to you and @Crypto_Analysis:

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Everything is working as intended now. Thanks @ro5s and @nebali!

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awesome / glad we got it working. Also, neat idea on the badges @nebali!

@Crypto_Analysis Could you test confirming a vote to admit? (see latest) 19%20AM

Done. It’s working :slight_smile:


Excellent! Many thanks @Crypto_Analysis 18%20AM

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Request to participate in the ON. Community:



Welcome to the Club @metaflute :slightly_smiling_face:!

Your address now holds a token that will allow you to participate in ON.Community Cooperative (DAO) decisions :rosette: :ballot_box: