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Guild Tribute System in Solidity

I drafted a basic token contract in Solidity that would (ideally) allow us to set and amend a “tribute” in ether for a nontransferrable unit of membership in the ONC ‘Guild,’ which will receive this tribute on each mint (this address is also amendable by “owner”). Dapp landing page pending…

I imagine we might set the Guild to the ONC Bounty DAO address so that tributes would be managed by active contributors who have signed onto ONC mission. We might also credit an amount of DAO influence to these tributes and think of other Guild utility. Let’s discuss! also, please audit :smile:


The token contract appears to be functioning, awarding a Guild token per preset ‘tribute’ ether amount (0.01, which can be amended…), with transfers of two tributes to ‘guild’ appearing automatically in test Aragon DAO (this address can also be amended…):


That’s good to know @ro5s . But what’s
. Unit of membership?
. ONC Guild?

If the goal here is to introduce new (or rather, centuries-old) terminology, then I think Guild is the perfect word for what we’re trying to do here :slight_smile:

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Hello all // fell off the :world_map: for a bit, but back now! I also do realize that I kinda dropped this hapharzardly with little background.

So, @tousthilagavathy, w/ regard to your questions:

. Unit of membership?

So, everytime you pay “tribute” to this ERC-20 Smart Contract, your Ethereum address will receive a non-transferrable token to mark this tribute. We can think of variety of benefits to (at)tribute to these tokens, such as privileged chat-rooms, but I think it would be a useful thing to keep track on this Forum as another marker of participation in ONC effort, add weight to opinions on DAO votes. @nebali is there a feasible way to do this with badges?

. ONC Guild?

As @AA noted, “Guild” might be a neat word to describe the ONC ‘cooperative’, which is shaping up to be a group with specialized knowledge on the OMG Network, staking, plasma, and guiding contributions along goals outline in Mission Statement.

I also wrote this short article reviewing this demo here.

Aragon also just announced a fundraising app along the lines of DAICO that looks quite interesting! Also noting this feature: